Frequently Asked Questions

Orders received before 13.00 on weekdays are couriered at around 7pm and we send you the cargo tracking code via MNG Cargo. If your order arrives after 13:00, it will be shipped the next day. If your cargo has not arrived after 2 days, please inquire, otherwise please wait for the cargo tracking.
We are aware of your payment and confirm payments at certain times, especially before we prepare the shipments. If your payment has been received, it will be confirmed, please wait. You do not need to send a receipt, we are aware of your payment.
Money order and cash on delivery are available. There is no online credit card system.
Unfortunately, we do not have our store for hand sales, only online sales are available.
We only ship with MNG Cargo. If you send the courier, we cannot accept this offer.
Sorry, we can't bargain or discount. If you buy by money order, there is a 5% discount.
You can create an order by adding to cart from the site. It is completed by following the instructions and giving the sales details with your e-mail address specified in line with the payment option.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to ship our products with transparent cargo.
Unfortunately, the courier company does not allow you to open the parcel before receiving it. For questions about trust, you can contact our customer representative or look at our customer comments.
Unfortunately, there is no installment option by credit card. When you buy with a credit card at the door, the courier company comes and makes one shot. Later, you can make a single payment in installments from your mobile banking, this feature is available in almost every bank. If you wish, you can pay in installments this way.