Guide to E-Cigarette

What is electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is a product produced for smokers, which gives the feeling of cigarette but is much less harmful than cigarettes.

The product consists of a battery and atomizer. When you pull the electronic cigarette like a cigarette, the e-liquid mixed with the air allows smoke to come out like normal cigarettes, but what comes out is steam.

It is very easy to use the product with various sizes and models. To use it, you just add the e-liquid of your choice.

In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about electronic cigarettes for you.

Advantages of electronic cigarette

The ignition principle of the electronic cigarette is slightly different from the normal cigarette. Therefore, it does not contain harmful substances such as pitch and tar. You can even choose flavored e-liquid to suit your taste.

Electronic cigarette prices

- First of all, it is a very economical way. It costs at least 5 times less than cigarettes.

- Forget ashtrays, lighters, offensive tobacco smells.

After all, it is possible to get that feeling from a regular cigarette, from an electronic cigarette. It's also cheaper and with less damage.

Which electronic cigarette should I buy?

If you are one of those who use electronic cigarettes for the first time, you may be hesitant to choose electronic cigarettes with many models and options. Because the electronic cigarette market offers a wide range of products. Which electronic cigarette should I choose step by step with this electronic cigarette guide? You will find the answer to your question.

Are electronic cigarettes harmful?

Today, the number of people who die from smoking is increasing every year. Cigarette, which is addictive because it contains nicotine, has become an indispensable substance for smokers. As such, people introduced Electronic cigarettes in 2004 to reduce the number of people dying from smoking. Electronic cigarette, which is based in China, is much less harmful than normal cigarettes.

The harms of electronic cigarettes are so low that they are almost equivalent to someone who has never smoked.

The harms of electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette, which first became widespread in 2004, is a highly preferred device with its different sizes, colors and aromas.

In addition, electronic cigarette users are not exposed to tooth stains and of course, it is odorless compared to cigarettes.

Indeed, the use of electronic cigarettes has gained a reputation for health: About 80% of electronic cigarette users say that electronic cigarettes do less damage than regular cigarettes, according to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. What's more, the majority of e cigarette users are already smokers. For this, there are non-smoking groups among the subjects during the experiment.

Lacking all this is an important question: How safe are electronic cigarettes? First, the World Health Organization (WHO), the FDA, or the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) aren't sure what it is. Everyone expressed their concerns about electronic cigarette safety. At one time, the American Cancer Society wanted to ban e-cigarettes, but later this did not happen.

What's in an electronic cigarette ?

Electronic cigarettes have a simple appearance. Inside, a tiny battery ignites a liquid nicotine solution until it vaporizes, allowing it to breathe. Depending on the type and brand, an electronic cigarette can do up to 250 to 400 puffs.

How much nicotine is in electronic cigarettes?

Alex Prokhorov, MD, Ph.D., director of the Tobacco Assistance Education Program at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer. He says we can't know for sure how much when anyone uses an electronic cigarette, but it can contain between 1 and 100 milligrams of nicotine.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

In general, research shows that electronic cigarettes are a chemical that is considered safe.

Which model should I stay away from to start electronic cigarettes?

You have just stopped smoking and you can create a reflex for the habit of smoking and start electronic cigarettes, which are very similar and less harmful.

However, this reflex should be avoided altogether. Electronic substitutes are the first generation to have the traditional form of cigarettes. These cigarette-like devices produce the same vapor, deliver a sufficient amount of nicotine, with limited battery options, the throat sensations are almost the same in all of them. Likewise, the flavor options are limited. Moreover, traditional cigarette-like electronic cigarettes are not suitable for you to quit. However, you should not forget the idea of ​​this behavior even if it does not allow you to stop smoking, it can be used as a starting point to explore other patterns more effectively.

Which electronic cigarette for a beginner?

Now we know which model we should stay away from, so which electronic cigarette should we start with?

It may be a good choice to start with the rechargeable electronic cigarette model. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes consist of the atomizer chamber that forms the vaporization system (this chamber is filled with e-liquid) and the battery that will heat and vaporize the e-liquid in this chamber.

The use of the atomizer gives the user a throat hit similar to that of a conventional cigarette. These atomizers can be used with many e-liquids, and e-liquid chambers have a certain capacity that varies from device to device. The latest generations of atomizers have airflow rings and liquid filling systems where you can adjust the air intake.

Batteries with high autonomy and power reproduce and offer you the feeling of smoking with a long-term nicotine effectiveness. It has the Pass Through function so that you can use your electronic cigarette for a long time. However, the charging time is much shorter for box-format batteries. Box-format batteries, which are more popular today than others, have a practical use with their compact dimensions and are recommended for experienced users.

What criteria should I pay attention to when choosing electronic cigarettes?

 The process of researching which electronic cigarette we should choose to use for the first time may seem a bit complicated. Those who decide to use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking may be lost among the electronic cigarette options on the market.

Here is a quick Electronic Cigarette Guide for you.

The electronic cigarette, which will be a good choice for you, should provide you with a good performance for a whole day without the need for charging, be simple to use and bring the throat hit you get in traditional cigarettes, along with a good taste.

In order to find the right electronic cigarette among the models on the market, you need to determine the profile you belong to and your purpose while smoking.

Your Usage Profile:

• Occasional Smoker: If you smoke approximately 10 cigarettes a day and do not feel dependent on cigarettes, you are in this group.

• Moderate Smoker: If you regularly smoke between 10-20 cigarettes a day, if you are dependent on cigarettes but can endure its absence for a few hours, you are in this group.

• Heavy Smoker: You are in this group if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, have cigarettes in your mouth all the time and cannot imagine a day without cigarettes.

• If you do not smoke, we strongly recommend that you do not start vaping.

Your goal:

• Completely replace cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, preserve your enjoyment and pleasure.

• If you don't want to deal with adjustments, you can find a device that is as simple as possible.

• If the adjustments don't bother you, you can improve your device and explore different vaping styles.

• Quit smoking completely, electronic cigarette is not just a transition. You can reduce your cigarette consumption, electronic cigarettes will help you when you have difficulty.

• Reduce your cigarette consumption.

• Realize the savings in your budget.


Consuming an e-liquid with a nicotine content that will satisfy you will help you transition from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. In other words, your choice of liquid is as important as your choice of electronic cigarettes. A sufficient dosage of nicotine is necessary to overcome the feeling of lack of cigarette smoking.

It also depends on the device you are using. A high-performance device brings you more nicotine with every pull.

Advice for e-cigarette beginners

• To start well, you should choose an electronic cigarette that you can use all day long without charging problems.

• An e-liquid with sufficient nicotine content is required to make up for the lack of cigarettes.

• Do not expect the same taste you get from cigarettes, the feelings of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes can be compared. However, if you use an e-liquid with the right nicotine level, you will find the pleasure you are looking for.

• Cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are different in terms of the user's pull. In contrast to a short and intense puff on a cigarette,

In the electronic cigarette, the traction should be longer (3-4 seconds) and softer. While pulling on the electronic cigarette, you have to press the ignition button on the battery.

• We recommend that you always have a spare coil. This part is the part of the electronic cigarette that needs to be changed regularly. When the life of the coil is over, the quality of the feel you get while pulling will decrease.

• With the installation of the new coil, it is necessary to wait 5-10 minutes before pressing the ignition button after filling the reservoir with liquid.

This eliminates the possibility of you getting a burnt taste.

• Don't feel guilty if you thought you were using electronic cigarettes too heavily during the first few days, this is due to the low effectiveness of the electronic cigarette that brought you nicotine.

• Do not try to quickly reduce your nicotine intake level so that you do not have problems with nicotine.

• The pleasure you get is the most important factor in the use of electronic cigarettes, do not hesitate to use different e-liquids.


All electronic cigarette kits on our website have been created from completely reliable products and have been appreciated by users. We recommend you to discover the effective and easy use of all the kits on our site.

• If you are an occasional smoker (less than 10 per day), or if e-cigarettes are your transition to quit smoking and you are looking for a product that is easy to use and performs without much adjustment options, the Starter Sets are the ideal model for you. You can choose your favorite product by examining the charge, liquid capacity, color and size such as Joyetech eGo AIO Series, Eleaf Series..

• If you are a moderate smoker (between 10-20 per day) and you are looking for a device that is easy to use, has good autonomy and can deliver the perfect sensation of smoking; Starter Sets, Mini mod sets or Standard Mod Sets will suffice for you.

• For moderate or heavy smokers who want to adjust for different vaping experiences, we offer Standard Mod Sets where you can explore different styles.

• We also recommend Mega Mod Sets for users who smoke moderately or heavily, who want high vapor production and a more throat hit than a normal cigarette.

How does electronic cigarette work?

Electronic cigarette basically consists of a battery and an atomizer. In the atomizer, there is a coil that forms the evaporation system together with the chamber part.

• The battery is the element that gives the necessary energy to the coil so that you can use the electronic cigarette. When choosing your electronic cigarette, you need to consider two important points: battery autonomy and battery power. For more details, see the Battery Guide.

• Atomizer part consists of chamber, coil (consisting of resistant wire and cotton) and mouthpiece. The cotton around the coils connected to the e-liquid reservoir absorbs the e-liquid. When the ignition key of the device is pressed, the battery heats these resistive wires and vaporizes the e-liquid that comes into contact. The steam produced comes up to the mouthpiece and is drawn by the user. The size of the chamber (e-liquid capacity) is a factor that should be considered when choosing an electronic cigarette. For more details, you can check the Atomizer Guide. Coil types affect the amount of steam produced. Coils should be replaced when their life is full (a coil has an average life of 20 days)

Why should I buy electronic cigarettes?

You are addicted to cigarettes and now you want to quit smoking. But if you do not smoke, we do not recommend starting vaping.

Recent studies by Ernst & Young in the electronic cigarette market show that the primary motivation of cigarette users is health protection. 51% of electronic cigarette users use electronic cigarettes because it is less harmful than regular cigarettes. 49% think that electronic cigarettes help reduce their regular cigarette consumption. In addition, cigarette prices are also an important motivation for countries with high taxes on tobacco products.

 Are electronic cigarettes more harmful than tobacco cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than regular cigarettes. There are toxic substances that are released when you light a tobacco cigarette.

In addition, electronic cigarettes do not contain substances such as pitch or tar compared to tobacco cigarettes. A study by Public Health England found that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

What's in an electronic cigarette?

 There is a lot of misinformation about the ingredients in e-liquids. It is clearly clear what electronic cigarette is and what the liquids used in electronic cigarettes consist of.